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Candle Holders

Rustic Candle Holders

Most of the Reclaimed wood I work with has been salvaged from old french barns, english cottages, farmhouses, canal locks and various historic buildings.

The wood I source to work with is mainly Pit Sawn, meaning that in the 1700's and before the whole tree was cut down and processed by hand, no mechanical equipment was available then, two men would be either end of a huge hand saw over a pit slicing the timber into slabs.

The tell-tale signs are on the face of the Oak and Elm I use. Random uneven saw marks and this is the reason I never sand the wood I use! It would strip this all away leaving almost fresh wood on show.

This intrigues me, the skill these men had to be able to work without any of the machines that we have today, and to produce such beautiful furniture and buildings that are still around now.

So when you buy an Oak candle holder or Rustic Mirror from me look closely at the wood and you will see evidence of the tools and labour that went into their work.