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Home Wall Decor

For me having the contrast between a flat painted wall and a striking textured Mirror, Rustic Picture Frame or Bespoke Shelf is the key to create a pleasing living space.
Wall decor as we call it nowdays can come in many forms i.e
Candle holders can be mounted on weathered old Oak and hung either side of a fireplace

Rustic Wall Decor Picture Frame
Rustic Picture Frame
Bespoke Home Decor

A selection of handmade Picture Frames running up the stair wall.
A Bespoke wooden Mirror above the logburner.
A simple Heart Plaque in the bedroom or a custom made Coat Hook Rack for your hallway.

All of these items are an easy way to dress your home.

You will be sure to know that my work is always a one off, never mass produced, all made by myself from authentic Reclaimed Wood.

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Rustic Wall Decor Picture Frame
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Rustic Wall Decor Hampshire
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