Interior Design at The BlueBell Inn

I’ve been working with the very talented interior designer Neil Williams from The Bureau of Change who has been restyling three guest rooms at The Bluebell Inn at Emsworth.
Over the last year I’ve been busy supplying rustic picture frames, coat hook racks and little notice boards that’ll be sign written for the pub.
Neil has great vision for all sorts of interior and exterior spaces, he has an extensive design past and has taken on and transformed some amazing spaces.
I’ll share further images once the Bluebell is complete, it looks incredible already!

Oak Hook and Shelf Rack.

The Rustic Picture Frame Company

For 16 years or so I’ve been making my range of home decor products out of authentic reclaimed wood, I started with Rusticana Interiors and spent a number of years exhibiting at markets and county shows all over the south.
After 5 years of trading in a gazebo which was not ideal for my heavy and awkward to pack items I bought and converted my 7.5 tonne wooden horsebox lorry ‘Maude’,
Maude and I travelled all over the place attending street markets and shows, we had some amazing times although often problematic due to her size and age!
You’ll find images of Maude on my Instagram page if you look back over the posts, she was a fantastic setting for my work and I loved her very much, unfortunately though with more people buying online instead of on the high street or at events Maude had to be rehomed and my business went online.
I now have two websites which some of you may have noticed and wondered why!
Rusticana Interiors is my baby and it’s where I started, it’s how past customers find me, although it could do with a facelift it does its job.
The second website I have is The Rustic Picture Frame Company, It’s easier for customers to navigate and less fussy.
Both the websites do and sell the same thing.
Although I no longer attend the shows and markets I do have a showroom in Dunbridge Hampshire that I share with my partner Matt from
It’s rammed full of Matt’s rustic furniture and all of my picture frames and home decor items, we are open daily so please do pop over if you’re in the area.

Rustic Pine Shelves

Bespoke pine shelvesI made these Bespoke Wooden Shelves for a friend of mine.

Sue supplied the brackets and gave me a photo of what she wanted the six shelves to look like.

I used a chunky Pine board which was then stained and sealed with a lacquer to create something  similar.

The end result was almost a perfect match and they look lovely with the brackets.