Rustic Picture Frames

Picture frames in the rustic style
Rustic Picture Frames
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Rustic picture frames are one of the most popular items I sell. Having your art work or photographs displayed in a beautiful reclaimed wooden or rustic picture frame is just as important as the image itself.
It will be something you look at for many years and you will want it to complement your home decor.

Picture frames come in so many different sizes that I tend to make them to order.Different parts of a rustic picture frame

I offer a service that allows you to :

  • select your wood choice
  • the width of the picture frame
  • whether you want a mount included
  • how natural or rustic you want it to be

Rustic Picture Frames made from reclaimed wood

Having worked in the wood reclamation business for many years I have access to and stock a range of reclaimed wood. Wood that has history and is full of character.

I can also advise of what would work well too if you send a photo of your art work. Drop me an email with as much info as you can and an image if possible and we can create the perfect picture frame for your home.

Based in Hampshire I sell my picture frames all over the UK. Drop me an email or give me a call if you want to discuss having a picture frame made to order.

I also have another web site that is dedicated to custom made Rustic picture frames called the 'The Rustic Picture Frame company'

You can browse some of the current rustic picture frames I have in stock in my online shop by following this link.