Rustic Oak Picture Frames

Having worked with reclaimed timber for many years I have great contacts throughout the country who supply me with the most beautiful and ancient Oak, Elm, Chestnut and Pine I can get my hands on!I mainly use pit sawn timber, which means the trees were cut down by hand with no mechanical means before electricity was available.

There would be two men with a huge hand saw over a pit cutting the oldest and biggest trees down.

This practice stopped around 1860, you can see the random saw marks in the timber I use today, and know that the Oak and Elm will be hundreds of years old.

The oak picture frames I make are crafted using this wood, often with old metal work still embedded in the timber where handmade nails were hammered in.

I mainly use old beams and flooring to make the picture frames, Victorian joists, Georgian panelling and Elm cladding also work particularly well and look great.

I use alot of barn oak where I can as this tends be the most popular wood for Picture Frames & Mirrors.

I offer a service which allows my customers to decide which style of Picture Frame they want, you can choose the wood, width of the Picture Frame, finish of the timber and whether it has a mount board or not.

By giving me as much info as you can regarding what you do and don't like I can get an idea of what to offer you and how to make it.

My rustic picture frames come with glass, backboard and the fixtures attached, I will send it out to you via a courier service usually within 48 hrs from leaving me,  or you can collect if local.

We have a showroom which is full of oak picture frames, mirrors and rustic furniture in Dunbridge, Hampshire.

Please get in touch if you would like to pop over.