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Antique Wood Accessories
Antique Wood Accessories: I use a wide range of Reclaimed Architectural materials for my work, from Rustic doors, Oak Beams, vintage metal work, Barn wood, Victorian Floorboards and sometimes driftwood,  Anything that has an interesting weathered patina and authentic history that can be reused, often made into something that has a connection to where someone once lived, or a place that holds memories from times gone by.
Rustic Home Decor
Rustic Picture Frame

My bespoke rustic style places a priority on keeping as much of the character, age and patina of the wood. I have access to some of the most beautiful and ancient salvaged wood that often comes from some historically interesting places such as the draw bridge timber from the tower of london, brightons west pier that sadly burnt down, oak from the mottisfont estate in hampshire and churches that have been refurbishedI only use authentic reclaimed wood, never pallet wood or scaffold boards!

Wall Decor
Wall Decor
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Rustic coat hook rack

Driftwood also gets used occasionally, living on a Houseboat on the sea makes it a great advantage now, it's not just Forests that produce wood!

I also have a suppy of old sea defence timber from Hayling Island and Bournemouth that has a lovely driftwood feel to it.

Using these long lengths of weathered sea battered timber I'm able to create large bespoke mirrors and picture frames which is difficult when trying to use driftwood that has been washed up as the quantity is obviously limited.

Drop me an email or whatsapp if you would like a custom picture frame or mirror made up.