Framing a Canvas

Rustic Frames to fit a Canvas.

Now it’s wedding season I’m getting asked alot to make up rustic picture frames that’ll hold a canvas.
These need a custom made frame as they are alot deeper than a standard picture frame, often as deep as 4 cm and usually don’t require any glass.
The wood I use for a canvas frame has to be chunky to accommodate the depth of the canvas plus a backboard to keep the canvas in place, they like all of my other picture frames come with their fixtures attached.
Please get in touch if you would like a quote, I’ll need the width and height of your canvas plus the depth (thickness) of it and some guidance on what wood you like the look of.
Our rustic furniture and decor showroom is open daily if you’re local to Romsey in Hampshire, you’re very welcome to pop over and get some inspiration if needed!

Rustic Oak Frame for a Canvas.

Old boardwalk timber from Hayling Island.

Rustic Furniture at The Packhouse

Rustic Furniture Showroom.

Our Interior Designer friends at The Bureau of Change have opened up a space at The Packhouse in Runfold, Surrey.

There’s a selection of my rustic Decor

Rustic decor in Surrey

The Bureau of Change’s new venture!

on sale along with a beautiful mix of treasures from Hampshire based artists as well as one off items that have been thoughtfully mixed in to create a organic and authentic interior display.

If you’re local to Farnham then go and have a browse, you’ll find The Bureau of Change’s area upstairs towards the back of the building.

Our Rustic Furniture Showroom in Hampshire is open as usual everyday from 10am until late.

Rustic Interior Decor

These Driftwood style picture frames and rustic oak lamp base’s have been made for The Bluebell Inn in Emsworth.

The pub is opening three new guest rooms upstairs and my Interior Designer friend Neil Williams has restyled these spaces with an atmospheric coastal theme.

The Picture Frame’s (over 20 of them!) Have been made out of old sea groynes from Bournemouth’s beaches, the Oak lamp Base’s are rustic ancient beam sections that have been fitted with lampshades made by Jane Croft from the Isle Of Wight.

Neil Williams (the bureau of change) is about to open an Interiors space at The Packhouse in Farnham Surrey, there will be a selection of my Lamps and Hook Racks and Picture Frames for sale along with other treasures that Neil has bought or had made, all from Hampshire based artists.

Custom made picture frames and interior decor.

Driftwood style picture frames, Rustic Oak Lamp Base’s.

For any enquiries for commissions please get in touch, I’ll be happy to help.

The Rustic Picture Frame Company

For 16 years or so I’ve been making my range of home decor products out of authentic reclaimed wood, I started with Rusticana Interiors and spent a number of years exhibiting at markets and county shows all over the south.
After 5 years of trading in a gazebo which was not ideal for my heavy and awkward to pack items I bought and converted my 7.5 tonne wooden horsebox lorry ‘Maude’,
Maude and I travelled all over the place attending street markets and shows, we had some amazing times although often problematic due to her size and age!
You’ll find images of Maude on my Instagram page if you look back over the posts, she was a fantastic setting for my work and I loved her very much, unfortunately though with more people buying online instead of on the high street or at events Maude had to be rehomed and my business went online.
I now have two websites which some of you may have noticed and wondered why!
Rusticana Interiors is my baby and it’s where I started, it’s how past customers find me, although it could do with a facelift it does its job.
The second website I have is The Rustic Picture Frame Company, It’s easier for customers to navigate and less fussy.
Both the websites do and sell the same thing.
Although I no longer attend the shows and markets I do have a showroom in Dunbridge Hampshire that I share with my partner Matt from
It’s rammed full of Matt’s rustic furniture and all of my picture frames and home decor items, we are open daily so please do pop over if you’re in the area.

Custom Picture Frames UK

I make to order any size picture frame or Mirror in your choice of reclaimed timber.
Leadtime for larger picture frames is usually 2 weeks, for smaller frames I can get ready alot sooner.
Our Showroom is open daily in Dunbridge, Hampshire, just outside of Romsey.
Please get in touch with any requests.

Rustic Furniture Showroom open 7 days a week

We have a showroom / shop full of rustic furniture and decorative items which is open 7 days a week.
Blackstone-chalk furniture and myself share a space in Dunbridge, Hampshire that is open from 10am till late most days including sundays, we also have just finished an exciting project converting an old wooden boat that will be featured on a tv programme early next year, It now has a completely new life being used as a living space and meeting area which showcases Matt’s stunning rustic furniture.
We are both getting booked up for Christmas commissions, especially Matt who runs Blackstone-chalk, so if you are thinking of getting a bespoke Dining Table or other piece of rustic furniture or Picture Frame made in time for Christmas then please get in touch with us asap!
You’re welcome to pop over to our shop / workshop to have a chat and browse, for directions give us a call.

Bespoke Picture Frames

Coming up to Christmas gets very busy with orders for Bespoke Rustic Picture Frames.

I’ll make any sized Picture Frame in your choice of wood, either with or without a mount board and they all come ready to hang with glass and backboard.

If you would like some inspiration for a Mirror or Picture Frame, or any other piece of rustic furniture you’re welcome to pop over to our shop in Dunbridge, Hampshire which is open from 10am till late daily, we have a large selection of handmade furniture aswell as gift ideas for Christmas.

We are back at Stockbridge Town Hall on December 20th, until Christmas eve,

My partner Matt from will be showcasing his gorgeous furniture with my rustic decor.

Please follow our Instagram pages for further upates and photo’s of our latest stock.


Oak Picture Frame going Italy

I will ship out to customers outside of the UK.

The shipping costs vary depending on the size and weight of the box, but generally it isn’t expensive.

It usually takes about 1 week to get to the destination.

Please contact me for a quote, I’m happy to help.

This Rustic Oak Picture Frame was made using very old Barn Oak, my customer in Italy has put a lovely Nina Simone picture inside it which looks fantastic.

We worked together to get exactly the right style of frame for her and the perfect wood choice, she wanted  rustic oak with a natural feel to it, nothing too straight edged or smooth.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss what you have in mind, whether it be a mirror or picture frame or something else,  I’m happy  to help.

Reclaimed wood picture frames UK

Reclaimed wood picture frames

by Rusticana Interiors:

For the last 14 years I have been working with Reclaimed Wood making Rustic picture frames, mirrors and other home decor pieces.
I started my business after working in Reclamation for many years restoring architecture items, there was a lack of genuine products being custom made out of Reclaimed Timber.

The market is flooded with people using pallet wood and scaffold boards which aren't authentic, I wanted to do something using Antique Oak, Elm, Chestnut and Pine, proper wood!

I source my Wood from a number of contacts in the Reclamation business:

  • Barns are being pulled down and restored, so often I’ll buy the frame work and cladding.
  • Cottages will be having new floors so I’ll salvage the old boards.
  • Farm buildings have great old Beams that are ancient and are being knocked down.

I'm always searching for the best and oldest wood I can find!

The majority of the wood I work with is Pit Sawn, meaning the whole tree would've been cut down and worked by hand.  No mechanical devices around in those days! They stopped Pit Sawing around 1860, the tree's they used were of great age so when you buy a Picture Frame or Mirror from me you know the Oak or Elm is going to be around 400 years old.

I make Rustic Picture Frames and Mirrors at any size needed that get sent all over the UK, The Bespoke service I offer let's you decided exactly what style, Wood, and Size you want, if you need a mount or non reflective glass then that's what you get!

We have a showroom which my partner Matt from Blackstone chalk furniture shares with me, it is open daily and is full of Reclaimed Picture Frames, Mirrors and Interior pieces.

Please get in touch if you would like to pop over, or want a Bespoke Picture Frame made up

Or have a look at some of the picture frames I have in my online shop