Rustic Photo Frames

At Rusticana Interiors I have a selection of bespoke rustic picture frames ready to buy, or if you cannot find what you are looking for i’m more than happy to make something up for you.

All my stock is on display and for sale in a little showroom in Dunbridge, Hampshire which I share with my partner Matt from Blackstone chalk furniture.

All the wood I use is authentic & reclaimed, I do not use pallet wood or scaffold boards!

Each picture frame or other bespoke item I make is a one off, I never mass produce anything and I use only the best oak, elm, chestnut, pine around.

I do occasionally use Driftwood and ex sea defence timber, this has a certain look that is hugely popular at the moment.

Please get in touch if you would like a commission piece made, our showroom is open daily too if you would like to pop over.

Seaweed Prints with Bespoke Picture Frames

I’ve made these driftwood style Picture Frames out of the old Sea Defence timber from Bournemouth beach which has been restored.

Having spent decades being battered by the sea and weather, each frame is different with its own character.

The Seaweed prints are of pressings i’ve taken from 14 different varieties along the Jurassic Coast in Dorset, each Seaweed has then been professionally photographed and printed on high quality slightly textured A3 paper.

These Picture Frames look great hanging as a set of three, or just alone.

For further images please take a look at my Instagram sites.


A4 Rustic Picture Frames

I have just added a new batch of Oak, Pine and Elm A4 Picture frames to my online shop.

The Oak Picture Frames have been made from ancient Barn Oak, loads of character and texture to this very old timber, The Pine Picture Frames have been crafted using old Victorian ceiling joists, I love working with this heavily textured Pine, Just left dry the Timber has everything that works well in a Rustic Picture Frame.

The Elm Picture Frames are beautiful, this is such a rare timber now, It still grows healthily in Scotland, but the old Elm tree’s that grew around the rest of the country were cut down in the 1970’s to stop the spread of Dutch Elm Disease, It is such a shame that these stunning tree’s are no longer part of our landscape, but you can have a Picture Frame to appreciate the lovely Elm!!!

If you would like an Oak Picture Frame made up or any other Timber, please get in touch with me, I will make any size frame up in the style you want, lead time is usually around 2 to 3 weeks, but if it’s urgent for a last minute gift for example, I can speed things up.

Our showroom is full of Oak Picture Frames and Rustic Furniture, plenty of Gift ideas and larger interior pieces such as Coffee Tables, Benches, Lamps, and Chest Boxes, all handmade by myself and my partner Matt from Blackstone Chalk Furniture.

Hampshire Open Studio’s is also on from the 21st August, we will be open as usual for the 10 days it runs for.

Reclaimed wood picture frames UK

Reclaimed wood picture frames

by Rusticana Interiors:

For the last 14 years I have been working with Reclaimed Wood making Rustic picture frames, mirrors and other home decor pieces.
I started my business after working in Reclamation for many years restoring architecture items, there was a lack of genuine products being custom made out of Reclaimed Timber.

The market is flooded with people using pallet wood and scaffold boards which aren't authentic, I wanted to do something using Antique Oak, Elm, Chestnut and Pine, proper wood!

I source my Wood from a number of contacts in the Reclamation business:

  • Barns are being pulled down and restored, so often I’ll buy the frame work and cladding.
  • Cottages will be having new floors so I’ll salvage the old boards.
  • Farm buildings have great old Beams that are ancient and are being knocked down.

I'm always searching for the best and oldest wood I can find!

reclaimed wood picture frame uk
picture frames made from reclaimed wood
rustic picture frames

The majority of the wood I work with is Pit Sawn, meaning the whole tree would've been cut down and worked by hand.  No mechanical devices around in those days! They stopped Pit Sawing around 1860, the tree's they used were of great age so when you buy a Picture Frame or Mirror from me you know the Oak or Elm is going to be around 400 years old.

I make Rustic Picture Frames and Mirrors at any size needed that get sent all over the UK, The Bespoke service I offer let's you decided exactly what style, Wood, and Size you want, if you need a mount or non reflective glass then that's what you get!

We have a showroom which my partner Matt from Blackstone chalk furniture shares with me, it is open daily and is full of Reclaimed Picture Frames, Mirrors and Interior pieces.

Please get in touch if you would like to pop over, or want a Bespoke Picture Frame made up

Or have a look at some of the picture frames I have in my online shop

Made to order Picture Frames

I’ve been in my workshop making a selection of Rustic Picture Frames and Reclaimed Oak Mirrors for customers this week, they have been boxed up and are ready for the courier to collect.

Pictured is a chunky Rustic Elm Picture Frame that has a dusty grey colour, the customer wanted a Driftwood effect and this ancient Elm had just the right patina.

It was later fitted with a stone coloured mount board to hold her Seaside Painting and is on its way to Yorkshire.

Please contact me with any enquiries regarding Bespoke Mirrors or Picture Frames.

Rustic Handmade Picture Frames

I make any sized Picture Frame or Mirror in your choice of Reclaimed Timber.

Please have a look through my website and if there isn't a Frame on my Shop page that fits your Picture then i will happily make something up to suit.

Lead time is approx 2 weeks and the glass, backboard,  fixtures are included.

Delivery price depends on the size of your frame and your location, it's usually between £8.00 & £15.00 for an average sized frame.

We have a showroom in Dunbridge, Hampshire that's open daily.

Rustic Picture Frames



Framed Map.

Rustic framed mapThis Bespoke Elm Picture Frame perfectly frames this old Map, a recent commission for a gift.

I try to get the Wood i use to complement the artwork, I think these two work quite well together, I have used Pit Sawn Elm for this, it dates back 500 yrs or so.

Pit Sawing was replaced by mechanical means in the 1780’s, the tree would have been at least 200 yrs old before it was cut down, random saw marks on the timber are an easy way to try to date the wood.

Gift For The Home.

Rustic wall decor giftsThese Framed Wooden hearts make a lovely gift for anyone who loves quirky and unusual items to decorate their home.

They are perfect for Valentines day or an Anniversary too.

There’s usually a selection for sale on my website, prices start from £20.00, if you would like something made up especially then please drop me an email.

Handmade Picture Frame.

Handmade rustic small Picture FrameI had an order for a small Picture Frame that needed to match some existing Frames i had previously made some time back.

This little frame has an aperture of 20 x 25cm, and I have used some fairly chunky old French Barn Oak for it.

I’m happy to make any size Picture Frames, with or without glass or mounts, just drop me an email and I’ll price it up for you.




Rustic Oak Mirror

Rustic Oak Mirror.
Rustic Oak MirrorI had an order for a very Rustic Mirror. My client wanted a very textured and characterful mirror similar to one I had on display in my showroom.
I had some very old chunky Reclaimed Oak that fitted the bill, it had been used as cladding in an old barn. The remains of the old tongue and grooves that were hand cut are still visible and I have left these intact on the outside edges.
The Mirror is now in its new home in the New Forest.