Picture Framing on Hayling Island

Need a Piece of Art Work or a treasured Photograph framed?

I make any size Rustic Picture Frames and Mirrors to order, I also have a large range of styles and sizes available through my website or in our shop which is based in Dunbridge, Hampshire, about 45 mins from Hayling Island.

I work with beautiful Reclaimed wood which is hundreds of years old, mostly Oak and Elm which has been rescued from ancient buildings both here and abroad.

My Picture Frames and Mirrors come complete with Glass, Backboard, Mounts and Fixtures, or just as a Wooden Frame if you prefer.

You can chose the Wood of your choice and the style of Picture Frame, all I need is the information regarding what you like, the size of your picture, and where you are based.

Please get in touch to discuss a Bespoke Rustic Mirror or Picture Frame, or pop over to our showroom / Shop in Dunbridge, Hampshire to get some inspiration.



Stockbridge Town Hall Dates

I'll be trading from Stockbridge Town Hall in Hampshire once a month from July 2021.

Blackstone Chalk Furniture and myself will have all our Home Decor & Rustic Furniture on display in this lovely old building in the heart of Stockbridge.

We will be open from 9am until 4pm,  with slightly longer hours during the run up to Christmas.

Dates. 2021.

Sunday 4th July.

Sunday 25th July.

Sunday 8th August.

Sunday 5th September.

Sunday 3rd October.

Sunday 7th November.

Friday 17th December.

Monday 20th December.

Tuesday 21st December.

Wednesday 22nd December.

Thursday 23rd December from 12pm till 7pm.

Friday 24th December.


Friday 7th January.

Saturday 8th January.

Rustic furniture shop

Rustic Furniture Showroom

We had a great day on Sunday at Stockbridge Town Hall,  Blackstone Chalk Furniture and I will be back there once a month from July.

Our Showroom is now fully open again after restocking!

If you are looking for Rustic Furniture and Home Decor items then pop over and have a browse,  in stock we have.. Coffee Tables, Hook Racks, Benches,  Rustic Mirrors, Chairs, Chopping Boards, Picture Frames, Dining Tables,  Door Stops, Shelves, Reclaimed Blocks, wooden Pedestals,  Lamps, Oak Candle Holders, Stools, Cupboards,  Chest Boxes, Wall Art, Console Tables, Desks and more.

If you have a painting or Photograph you would like a Bespoke Picture Frame made for then come and have a chat about the different wood options and styles, or send me sn email.

We are open daily.



Dates we are at Stockbridge Town Hall


Stockbridge Town Hall, Hampshire. 2021

Myself and Blackstone chalk furniture will be at Stockbridge Town Hall on the following dates.

Sunday 16th May 9.30am – 4.30pm.

Sunday 4th July 9am – 4pm.
Sunday 25th July 9am – 4pm.
Sunday 8th August 9am – 4pm.
Sunday 5th September 9am – 4pm.
Sunday 3rd October 9am – 4pm.
Sunday 7th November 9am – 4pm.
Friday 17th December 9am – 4pm.
Monday 20th December 9am – 4pm.
Tuesday 21st December 9am – 4pm.
Wednesday 22nd December 9am – 4pm.
Thursday 23rd December 12pm – 7pm.
Friday 7th January 9am – 4pm.
Saturday 8th January 9am – 4pm.


Rustic Photo Frames

I always have a large selection of Rustic Photo Frames available to buy straight from my Website, these are the most popular item i get asked to make aswell. If you are looking for a Photo Frame that needs to be made to order then just get in touch and we can discuss what you would like.

To get Inspiration for your Rustic Photo Frame or Mirror, have a look through my Instagram accounts, there are links to them on my Website, or search for rusticana_interiors   or the rustic picture frame company, you will find plenty of different styles and ideas that I can replicate.

We also have a showroom which is open daily in Dunbridge,  Hampshire that is full of gift ideas and Rustic Furniture.


Rustic Mothers Day Gifts.

Looking for a Gift for Mothers Day, Sunday March 14th?

Why not get a Bespoke Picture Frame for your Mothers favourite Photo or Painting?

Or a Reclaimed Oak Candle Holder, or Handmade Mirror?

There are plenty of Gift options on my website, or get in touch with me if you would like a Picture Frame or other item made especially in time for Mothers Day.

We have a showroom in Dunbridge which is full of Handmade Furniture and Interior Decor pieces, just get in touch to pop over.

Wedding / Anniversary Gifts

Wedding Present or Anniversary Gift.

There are plenty of Rustic Wooden Gift ideas on my Website, from Bespoke Picture Frames to an Oak Love Heart Board or Candle Holder.

For any custom made Home Decor items that you are interested in please get in touch.

For Rustic Furniture and larger items such as Coffee Tables and Benches, take a look at my partners website and Instagram page,  www.blackstone-chalk.co.uk

Rustic Valentine’s Gifts.

Valentine’s Day is not far away!

These Rustic Heart Boards are a different gift idea that look great standing as a set of three, or singularly.

Made from Georgian Pine and Oak that has been Reclaimed from Railway carriages, they are something that can be kept forever.

Prices start from £18 inc delivery.

There are plenty of other Rustic wooden gifts available on my website, from Candle Holders to Reclaimed Oak Mirrors, last date for postage is the 11th Feb, although you can collect from our showroom in Dunbridge after then.


Rustic Picture Frames & Mirrors

I’ve just finished the biggest Picture Frame I have ever been asked to make!

A 6ft wide and 70 cm high 600 yr old Elm Picture Frame for a customer in Cornwall, with a Mount cut to hold a picture of 1500 cm by 50 cm.

Please contact me with any Bespoke Rustic Mirrors or Reclaimed Picture Frames you would like to discuss,  I’ll be happy to help.


Bespoke Rustic Mirrors.

I have a selection of Rustic Mirrors available to buy straight from my website, and also offer a Bespoke service to make Mirrors and Picture Frames to whatever size and style you want

Drop me an email with what you are looking for and i’ll get back to you to discuss the Wood options, style, price and lead time.