Dates we are at Stockbridge Town Hall


Stockbridge Town Hall, Hampshire. 2021

Myself and Blackstone chalk furniture will be at Stockbridge Town Hall on the following dates.

Sunday 16th May 9.30am – 4.30pm.

Sunday 4th July 9am – 4pm.
Sunday 25th July 9am – 4pm.
Sunday 8th August 9am – 4pm.
Sunday 5th September 9am – 4pm.
Sunday 3rd October 9am – 4pm.
Sunday 7th November 9am – 4pm.
Friday 17th December 9am – 4pm.
Monday 20th December 9am – 4pm.
Tuesday 21st December 9am – 4pm.
Wednesday 22nd December 9am – 4pm.
Thursday 23rd December 12pm – 7pm.
Friday 7th January 9am – 4pm.
Saturday 8th January 9am – 4pm.


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