Rustic Mirror made from Croatian barn oak

Just thought I would share some pics of the interesting Croatian barn oak I managed to get my hands on for a rustic mirror.

Of course the oak is reclaimed. I am very fortunate to know some fantastic timber suppliers so I get first choice on a lot of reclaimed wood that comes in. This oak is beautifully aged and full of character so I had to have it.

I thought it would be perfect for a large character piece with its unique patina. The final result was a Large Rustic Mirror.

I think this piece is example of why people love rustic furniture. It’s not just the aesthetics but the fact that this wood has had such an interesting history to it. It’s grown up in a European forest and weathered all kinds of conditions, perhaps for hundreds of years? Then it’s moved on to being part of picturesque barn in the Croatian country side. It’s probably been in the barn for longer than most of  us have lived as they stop using Oak for barns a long time ago.

Now it finds itself across the channel with a completely new life in some one’s home. It will outlast all of us and who knows where she will end up.  Maybe in hundred years from now some else will stare at her and wonder the same things?

I have this mirror on sale in my online shop at the moment for £300.00



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