Rustic Mirrors

Rustic Wooden Mirrors are one of my most popular items, all handmade and using Reclaimed wood that is full of character and provenance.

From weathered textured Oak to a less distressed look, all my rustic mirrors are made by hand and never mass produced.

I keep the wood as natural as possible, treating it for woodworm and leaving all the old signs of its previous life intact, once assembled the wood is coated with a few layers of a bee's wax to protect it and enhance the Patina.

From free standing full length mirrors to tiny mirrors for the smaller spaces.

Bespoke Mirrors on Commission

I also make bespoke mirrors on commission. So you can have a custom made mirror to fit any particular area of your home. Plus you can choose the type of wood or look that you desire.
I am also able to source some of the most beautiful reclaimed or salvaged wood to give you the exact look or finish you are looking for.

I am always happy to cater for your requirements even if you just want to discuss some future project.

Send me a message and I'll get some options sent back to you with a timespan and price.