Reclaimed Wooden Picture Frames & Mirrors

The Bespoke Picture Frames & Rustic Mirrors I make & sell are all made using very old Oak, Elm, Pine & Chestnut that date back hundreds of years.

I specialize in Pit Sawn Timber, this means that the tree was cut down before the 1860’s by hand,  no mechanical machines were used.

Two men would’ve been either end of a very wide hand saw over a pit slicing the tree trunk into planks.

You can see the age old saw marks on the wood i use, which are unlike the machine marks from today, I never sand these marks off when making a Picture Frame or Mirror, the slightly uneven surface of the Wood has so much history and character to it, the colours are rich and with a coat of clear wax to enhance what is already there you have a beautiful unique Frame that will stand out from modern day mass produced versions.

Please get in touch if you would like a Picture Frame or Mirror made up, we also have a shop which is open from 10am till late 7 days a week located in Dunbridge,  Hampshire.




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